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Mike McEvoy
Watt Foster
2nd Vice-Chairman



January 20, 2006


Dear Virginia Roanoke River Basin Constituents, Legislature Members, and Local Governments:


As the date moves closer on implementation of the multi-state Chesapeake Bay Clean Up agreement, the funding for this and statewide water quality programs becomes a major theme for the Legislature for the current and future sessions. The Virginia Roanoke River Basin Advisory Committee (VRRBAC) is concerned that the thrust to improve the water quality of the Bay, while absolutely critical to the well-being of the citizens of the Commonwealth and to its economic interests, could override the broader water quality program needs of the streams and tributaries of the Roanoke River Basin as well as possibly other basins.


In this regard, the VRRBAC, composed of representatives from the length of the Roanoke River Basin, has unanimously endorsed the attached resolution.  We encourage you to carefully consider our concern on this issue. If there are questions on this resolution please feel free to contact the undersigned, or our DEQ Administrative Support designee Greg Anderson, whose contact information is listed below.   The Committee also suggests jurisdiction bodies and other constituents copied on this correspondence express their views on this issue to their Legislators as they deem appropriate.


Thank you for your consideration and support.



Charles D. Poindexter

VRRBAC Chairman

Telephone:  540-489-8484



cc:  Greg Anderson

       Telephone:   540-562-6871