Leesville Lake Water Sampling Sites
LC StationLLA StationSite IDDEQ Station IDLatitudeLongitude
Leesville Lake Dam112636LVLAROA140.6637.0916-79.4039
Leesville Lake Marina51275LLAOQC000.5837.05939 -79.39574
Tri County Marina31273LLATER000.3337.05942-79.44489
Mile Marker 681373LLAROA146.8737.06320-79.47110
Mile Marker 921272LLAROA149.9437.03993-79.48233
Toler Bridge11271LLLAROA153.4737.01090-79.47530
Pigg River91374LLAPGG000.4737.00430-79.48590
SML Tail Waters122637LVLAROA157.9237.0382-79.531306

The link below is to a web app that when saved to your device will collect and save data when out of range of a wifi. When you get back in wifi range at the end of the day simply upload to the server.

Data Entry Page